AF Series


AF Series

Technical specifications

AF 75 (*AF 400SP)

Distance between centers700 mm
Height of centers (Max. Part. Diameter)180 mm (350 mm)
Longitudinal travel800 mm
Cross travel270 mm
Hob modules0,4-15
Part max. weight100 kg
Installed Power22 kW
Machine dimensionsL: 2400 W: 2000 H: 2100
Machine Total weight5000 kg


Focused on gear manufacturing industries that need to sharpen efficiently their blunt hobs, AF-75 offers a compact design, easy operating solution. Straight and helical hobs can be re-sharpened using either ceramic and CBN grinding wheels


  • Straight and helical hobs and milling cutters. Module range 0,5 to 15
  • Accuracy AAA according to DIN 3968 -from the first.