RER-G Combi Series

Technical specifications

RER-G Combi 500 / 1000

Length between centers550 mm / 1100 mm
Outside Grinding
  Min/Max workpiece diameter4-300 mm
  Helix angle- 90º to +30º (Option 45º)
  Wheel diameter400 mm
  Wheel-head power / rpm11 kW / 10.000 rpm (option 24 kW / 7.000 rpm)
Internal Grinding
  Grindable length180 mm
  Helix angle-25º to +25º
  Wheel-head power / rpm9 kW / 30.000 rpm ( up to 180.000 rpm)
Machine Total weight9.500 kg / 11.000 kg


  • Different combination of OD/ID grinding heads for multiple operations or rough/finishing under mass production requirement.
  • B axis for taper grinding.
  • External and Internal thread grinding and involute gear grinding with tooth head and base correction, fully CNC controlled
  • Direct drive technology
  • DOIMAK Easy Software will guide user step by step through data entering for each of the machining operations to be implemented.
  • Possibility to integrate the AWC_system
    • High ergonomis & concentricity accuracy
    • Multioperation with single part clamping: OD/THREAD/GEAR


Worldwide leaders in the ballscrew sector

Precision shafts for high load and other ultra-precise linear motion applications

Wide range of worms with modules up to25 and profiles ZK, ZN, ZI, ZA or user loaded

The internal threading technology is implemented for an amply range of small/medium size nuts

Single clamping=High concentricity. Gear grinding / Sides OD grinding / Thread grinding