New grinding process

From 1st April 2019, Doimak has available for customers a Grinding test bench, consisting in two thread grinding machines, RER-1000 and RIR -275 models.

This cell will allow customers to perform test on all types of threads, internal and external, using different types of wheels for roughing and finishing in order to optimize cycle times and to increase process productivity. View available machines

Time reduction

Productivity increase

Roughing and finishing

Internal and external threads


RER 1000 W (external)* RER 1000 W

Length between centers1.000 mm
Max. outside diameter300 mm
Wheelhead120 m/s
Helix angle-20 to +135º
The use of high-hard and conventional grinding tools for rough, finish and fine grinding is possible

RIR 275 (internal*)

Max. Length: 180 mm
Max. External Diam. Ø:210 mm
Max. Wheel speed:50 m/s
Possibility of using roughing and finishing tooling.

(*) Data to be confirmed upon receipt of test part drawings