Research and Development

DOIMAK-TEKNIKER: a strategic alliance to guarantee technological state of the art.

The DOIMAK strategic policy since the beginning of the eighties has been based on our positioning in a very special sector of the market, demanding machines with the highest technology. For this purpose, the company was convinced that continuous innovation was the key factor in satisfying the strong requirements of our customers products, who are unable to find solutions from manufacturers of conventional machines, as such standard machines are usually purchased on a price basis. Innovation requires extensive technical development and without any doubt, a need to have an active long term commitment in R & D investment, which has been proven to be beneficial in the company’s success and expanding product range.
Since the beginning of our research activity, we have had a close relationship with the Research Centre TEKNIKER. This continuous relationship resulted in the development of several products, such as Thread, Cylindrical, Gear.. grinding machines.
As a result of the partnership with the Technological centre TEKNIKER, coupled with the active, close cooperation with the clients by tailoring the machines and technical solutions to meet their specific needs.

1990. GANOPTI Project, BRITE Program.
Sensors in high speed grinding.
Partners: DOIMAK (Spain), WZL, PROMETEC and WINTER (Germany), MECALIX (France).

1992. KNOBA Project, ESPRIT Program.
Failure detection in flexible cells.
Partners:DOIMAK, TEKNIKER, FATRONIK and LABEIN (Spain), University of DELF (Netherlands), GEPRO (Germany).

1994. SIPRAL Project, PACE Program.
Integrated system for the camshaft grinding.

1997. MEDECOTHER Project, BRITE Program.
Measurement, design and compensation of thermal deformations.
Partners: DOIMAK, TEKNIKER, ZAYER and GORATU (Spain), NAXOS and WZL (Germany), COORD3 and FIDIA (Italy), KRYPTON, K.U. and LEUVEN (Belgium).

1998. REACH Project, BRITE Program.
Improvement of the reliability and availability of machine tools.
Partners: DOIMAK (Spain), SIEMENS and WZL (Germany), COMAU and CESI (Italy), SCANIA and SMT (Sweden), IVECO (France).

1998. REMATOVI Project, CRAFT Program.
Reduction of machine tools vibration.
Partners: DOIMAK, TEKNIKER and CORREA (Spain), BDC (Italy), STEPTECH and E.I.C.N. (Switzerland), HURON (France).

2002. LUBRICOAT Project, CRAFT Program.
Ecological lubricants and low friction coatings.

2006. IBIOLAB Project, 6th framework Programme.
Improvement of Biolubricant manufacturing and development, thanks to the obtaining of ECOLABELS in a wide range of industrial sectors.

The SIGRIN project is based on the co-working and co-creating job between a grinding machine manufacturer (DOIMAK), hydrostatic technology system manufacturer (HYPROSTATIK) and high performance Carbon core wheel manufacturer (MACH ROTEC). The aim of the project will be to design solutions in order to improve high production ratios by means of machine and process re-design, incorporating Carbon and CBN technology wheels and hydrostatic solutions. The process will consist in improving simultaneous grinding processes in order to decrease cycle times and avoid intermediate machining processes

2011. Full stock removal thread grinder.

2010. Doimak takes part on the Cenit, FASyS project, to lay the foundations of a safe and healthy factory.

2009. “RIGA”. High Dimension Internal Threads Grinding Machine

2008. “RETO”. High Efficiency Thread Grinding Machine.

2007. New external cylindrical grinding machines with swiveling wheel head. Multifunctional grinding machines for large workpieces. Internal thread grinding machine for big nuts.

2006. “REPOL”.Aeronautic polyvalent grinding system.

2005. Bearings grinding machine.

2004. “REMO”. High reliability modular grinding machine. New hobs grinding machine for big modulus. New gear grinding machine (tooth by tooth).

2003. “RUTAS”. Tooling Grinding Machine.

2002. External cylindrical grinding machine for heavy range of 4m.

2001. Gear grinding machine. Grinding machine for crankshaft bearings.

2000. High speed peel grinding machine.

1999. Moving-head grinding machine for ball spindles up to 6 m. Long.

1998. Flexible system for grinding of helical profiles.

1997. Camshaft grinding machine.

1996. Hobs sharpening machine.

1995. Hobs grinding machine.